March 25, 2014

Common Causes of Tooth Damage and Loss

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Larry Gottlieb, DDS, is a veteran Bridgeport, Connecticut, dentist who offers patients a full range of quality services, including basic preventive care as well as advanced care, such as bridges, dentures, and implants. Larry Gottlieb, DDS, emphasizes patient education and takes time to discuss the causes of tooth decay and tooth loss to those experiencing those problems.

The most frequent cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease, which involves infection of the gums and deterioration of the support structures that hold the teeth in place. Another major cause is caries, or decay of the teeth themselves. In cases where infection extends to the bone at the root ends, this may necessitate treatments that go well beyond fillings and include a root canal procedure or tooth extraction. Trauma, arising from direct impact, such as a fall from a bicycle, may involve immediate loss of teeth. In some cases, the problem may not be apparent for months or years after the tooth is traumatized, but ultimately shows up as a root fracture and infection. Other common culprits in tooth damage include bad habits, such as clenching or grinding the teeth, which eventually compromise the tooth support system.